Chawan Bowl

The Chawan bowl is an unparalleled accessory for preparing and enjoying the best Matchas: for a wine connoisseur, it would be out of the question not to use a stemmed glass to taste a grand cru.

For our Matcha, these are our Chawan bowls.

Why is a Chawan bowl a must for the preparation of a Matcha?

The Chawan bowl is a Japanese bowl without a spout (unlike the Katakuchi bowl); specially designed and thought out for the preparation but also the tasting of Matcha.

Its handcrafted manufacturing takes into account all the details of the preparation of Matcha for a perfect ergonomics:

  • The bowl rests pleasantly in the hands, and protects well from the heat.
  • Its diameter and its high walls make it the ideal bowl to prepare your Matcha with the bamboo whisk and obtain the delicious thin and creamy foam. 
  • The rounded inner corners allow an ideal movement of the whisk, without damaging it.
  • Its large opening allows the Matcha to express all its aromas. 

What makes our Chawan bowls unique?

As our bowls are handcrafted, a great deal of attention is paid to their finish. The bowls have a polished bottom so that the surface of your table is not scratched. 

Every detail is important to us so that your tea ceremony experience is complete and wonderful every time. 

Our ceramic bowls are made one by one and thanks to their sobriety they will fit perfectly in your kitchen whatever your decoration ❤



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