Costa Rican Dark Roast

Our premium single-origin blend is grown in Costa Rica, with Arabica beans harvested from shade-grown farms. Every sip promises a wonderful flavor profile of walnut, chocolate, and citrus – perfect for the dark roast connoisseur. Plus, every purchase helps support Coopetarrazu farmers. 


Taarazu, Costa Rica

Learn More About the Source

The CoopeTarrazú coffee cooperative is an innovative business and social organization that produces and sells high-quality, organic, Fair Trade certified coffees. Located in the Tarrazú region of Costa Rica, the CoopeTarrazú cooperative was founded in 1989 by a group of smallholder farmers who wanted to increase their incomes while preserving their traditional farming practices. By joining forces with other local farmers, they were able to produce larger quantities of higher quality beans, enabling them to get better prices for their coffee. The cooperative also focuses on providing sustainable jobs for its members and community through reforestation projects, offering educational opportunities for children and adults alike. The CoopeTarrazú cooperative has grown into one of the most successful Fair Trade certified coffee cooperatives in the world, recognized both domestically and internationally for promoting sustainability and improving conditions for farmers in Costa Rica.

More About the Name

We love that all the processes of our coffee come from the earth, with no additives, so we came up with the idea of tying our local plants to the names of our coffees. When the coffee beans are harvested, they are a rich red color, and although known as "cherries" by the locals, they also remind us of a handful of berries, and on our island, where Agnello's was built, we have an abundance of Bayberry shrubs. Bayberry is valued as a fragrant plant that does not rely on blooms but on its leaves. If you go by the bush and press hard on a leaf this will release the fragrance into the air. This same experience occurs when you open a batch of our Bayberry coffee.




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